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My sister showed me this, and it is pretty much the best thing ever. It's 'Pride and Prejudice', told in the form of the Facebook news feed.


Trust me, it's awesome.
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So last year for Canadian History class, I had to do an assignment on Martin Frobisher. I went to Wikipedia to find out who exactly this guy was, and found that someone had messed with his article.

THIS is Martin Frobisher. I had thought that the articles of men from the 1500s who explored Canada might be obscure enough to not be targeted, but clearly I underestimated the power of bored school children.

Vastly underestimated.

The Saga of Martin Frobisher. Pictorial Evidence. Warning: foul language, immaturity, and nonsense await. )

These edits all occurred between February 2007 and around September 2008. There could have been earlier edits, but I didn't go that far back. One day perhaps I will, if I can work up the courage.

Eclipse II

Sep. 21st, 2007 12:11 am
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Guess what? I have insomnia again. So guess what?

ECLIPSE in fifteen minutes. )

Come on over to Part 4: 'BREAKING DAWN in Fifteen Minutes'!
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So I've finished New Moon, because these books are clearly sent from Hell to latch onto my brain and not let me stop reading them.

This one was harder to write, because New Moon was good. I mean, like, really good. I kind of loved it. I kind of loved the temporary tattoos that came with it, too. Anyway, this parody was crafted lovingly, that's my point. That doesn't mean it wasn't fun to write.

NEW MOON in fifteen minutes. )

Go on to Part 3: 'ECLIPSE in Fifteen Minutes'.
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This book was more fun than it should have been. So obviously I had to do a summary of it.

TWILIGHT in fifteen minutes. )

And now... Part 2, 'NEW MOON in Fifteen Minutes'.


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