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This is for Sarah.

Well, I was playing The Sims 2 today, and talking to my sister on the phone, and she told me to make all the presidential candidates and put them in a house together.

So I did.

From left to right, that's: Mike Huckabee (I know he's not that bald, but it's the closest I could get), John McCain, Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the amazing Mitt Romney.

This is the 'white house'. I just grabbed a house from the houses bin and painted it white, because I was lazy. All of the candidates have their own bedrooms. Ron Paul sleeps in a coffin in an extension I added onto the attic. Mike Huckabee also sleeps in the attic. I feel kind of bad for making him share it with Ron Paul.

So right off the bat we've got an impromptu debate, Clinton vs. McCain, Romney vs. Paul, apparently about illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, Obama and Huckabee were like, "Bitches plz", and went to check out their new house.

Hillary tries to get a bit too friendly with McCain, but he's having none of that. What happened to being bipartisan?

Obama and Huckabee engage in a non-metaphorical game of chess. Funnily enough, all these people talk about is politics. It's kind of creepy.

Huckabee discusses his plans to redecorate the real White House when he inevitably wins the Republican nomination and then the general election. *Cough*

Hillary Clinton is less than impressed with Romney's stand on foreign policy. In the background, you can see that Huckabee and Obama have moved on from politics and are now discussing genies.


What is it with these people constantly trying to molest John McCain?

There's something very wrong here. Note Romney's insane grin.

Ron Paul endears himself to John McCain by admitting to his fear of ghosts...


She then sits down and reads a trashy romance novel. A++.

John McCain, demonstrating that he's a practical sort of guy, by taking out the trash. I don't know how much they could have accumulated, they've only been there two hours.

Barack Obama, about to pwn Mike Huckabee.

I bet you didn't know that Mitt Romney was an arteest.

Mitt Romney: Money is bad!


So I finally get Obama and Huckabee off the chess board, and these two fools take their place.

Ron Paul is angry that Obama woke him up from his nap. Watch out, Barack, he doesn't look too happy.

Ron Paul walks over to the chess board, where he proceeds to have a random ten-minute STARE DOWN with Mitt Romney.

This is worrying.

Apparently Ron Paul and John McCain are now bff.

That's better, gentlemen.
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